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Our Community Plan

Webster defines the word repetition as “the act of saying or doing something again, the act of repeating.” the acronym, r-e-p-s, is what I promise to do as your next mayor.

Respect Your Voice

The most important part of our campaign is inclusion. We will create an atmosphere that actively communicates with the citizens of New Haven. We will accomplish our goals through action committees, active participation (being visible), keeping you in-the-know and staying accountable. Bottom line, we will listen and you will have a platform to instill real change and progress.


As board president of East Allen County Schools, community leader, mentor and coach for over 35 years, I have worked closely with and understand New Haven’s next generation. I want to give students the means to succeed, including vocational opportunities. A city is often judged by the success or failure of its schools. It is imperative that our leadership in New Haven be visible and maintain a committed partnership with our schools, both public and private, to insure success.


“Pride” is in our blood. We have a great community and our pride should be apparent to all.  We need to continually work and support our citizens encouraging them to display that pride at work and at home. This includes clean streets, filling in potholes, to fostering pride in the community!


Safety comes in many forms.We will meet with all public safety departments, including the court system, to maximize their potential. We will no longer be the training ground for other agencies. New Haven has a lot to offer, let’s celebrate our strengths. Safety and those that protect us is a top priority.


From citizens, friends, students, and more!

I support Bob Nelson for Mayor of New Haven. Bob daily exemplifies his passion and commitment to our community and its citizens. He has devoted years to mentoring and coaching our youth, serves on multiple boards, attends and supports numerous events all to ensure New Haven continues to move in a positive direction.

Julie HolleOwner, Martins Flag Shop

Bob has been one of the most passionate, if not the most passionate, advocate of New Haven since I’ve known him. He selflessly propelled the high school, along with its athletic programs and student entrepreneurs into the spotlight of the community. There is no one better to continually grow our great community and hometown on a larger scale than the man that has already been accomplishing it consistently over the years.

Lucas SalernoFormer Student at New Haven High School

Bob Nelson is a role model/mentor of leadership that I use everyday as student body President at New Haven High School. As someone I have been able to call at any hour and ask for advice and guidance Bob Nelson has had a positive impact on my life.

Austin CaudillCurrent Student

Bob coached my sons and has always been a beacon in the community. I can't think of a better person and Bulldog that can lead this city to new heights!

Jocelyn SheehanNew Haven Resident

I am proud to support Bob Nelson for Mayor of New Haven. My family, being life-long members of this community, truly appreciate Bob’s enthusiasm and commitment to everything that is New Haven. From countless hours coaching and mentoring young adults, to his time on the East Allen County School Board giving New Haven Schools the voice they desperately needed, Bob’s dedication to New Haven is inspiring.
One can hardly attend any event in New Haven and not run into Bob. He cares about New Haven and it shows through his actions.
It’s time OUR voices are heard. Bob, as the next New Haven Mayor, will hear and listen to ALL of us.
It is my honor to endorse Bob Nelson for Mayor.

Jeff TurnerNew Haven Resident

One of my greatest joys of owning and operating New Haven Bakery is seeing the excitement on a child's face when they walk in the door. Their anticipation puts a smile on my face every time.

That same joy and excitement is what I have witnessed on Bob Nelson's face as he interacts with students and parents. Bob has been a coach, mentor and volunteer in and around New Haven for years. Bob has truly given much to the community we all love, always giving 100%.

Bob's countless hours spent serving on various boards and most currently on the East Allen School Board has served us all very well. Look around, New Haven is on the move.

Bob cares about large and small businesses and I'm proud to support him as Mayor of New Haven

Katie BranningOwner, New Haven Bakery

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Being Mayor of New Haven will be my full time job. My efforts will not only be on the day to day activities of running a city, but will also…

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